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What we do

Complete Audio Post-Production

We delight in making your projects spimd


We delight in making your project sound as awesome as possible. Whether it's a small indie short or something that needs mixing to BBC technical specifications, we will work with you to mix your project to perfection.

foley and sound design

The background sounds to your film or game all need to be made and sound delicious. Whether it's adding some realism or beefing up the sounds to create a real and breathing world for your characters, we can create that sound for you.

ready-to-licence music

We have a large catalogue of a variety of music tracks ready to be licenced immediately into your project.

bespoke composition & arranging

If your project needs some new and exciting music composed for it in any style imaginable, we can create it to your exact specifications.

Find out what dubbing can do

Dubbing (or re-recording) is the process of taking all of the sound elements for your film or game project and mixing them to make it all sound awesome. If you are broadcasting to TV you will need to have the sound mixed to exact technical specifications which we can do.


Listen to our music

Select a showreel below to listen to examples of our compositions.


"Barry was an absolute delight to work with. Our short film had some troublesome sound, which he fixed perfectly and graded the whole project to a professional standard. Not only a true expert on all things sound, he's also a true gent! Can't recommend enough."

Nicholas Elliot, Producer, Fixie


articles by us

How can sound design tell a story?

Sound is an essential aspect of a film, yet it's amazing how many directors forget that it can tell a story in its own right. This short article explores some examples of how to use sound creatively.

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Buzz track is a term used in making films but it's surprising how many times directors forget about it. Read here about how useful it is when recording and editing dialogue.

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Making your sound mixer happy will make YOU happy

You make films and you have a lot to think about. Cameras, actors, lighting, editing, colour grading, the list goes on. Learn how to save time and money by making your sound mixer happy.

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Back in business!

It's been a while but we are finally back in business!

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"As I director I'd taken care on how the image had been captured and I needed an equally strong sound track to compliment the visual and that's where Barry came in. It was a pleasure to work with another creative mind as committed to the project as I was and who could interpret my thoughts on what 'Eyes in the Dark' should sound like. It really is great pleasure to work with a great composer and sound designer such as Barry and look forward to future projects together."

Alex White, Director, Eyes In The Dark


Our list of credits

Over the years we've provided a wide variety of sound solutions for our clients. Every single one of them has left us happy from working with us.


About us

Barry Ryerson

Ryerson Sound Solutions is a family business run by mixer, composer and sound designer Barry Ryerson. We have been creating music and working on sound for film for over 15 years and have recorded, composed, performed, edited and designed sound and music for a wide variety of clients over that time.

We have had a few years away for personal reasons but are getting back into making projects sound awesome.

Barry started late at learning music. At age 15 he decided to take up piano lessons for the first time, yet 7 months later he passed his Grade 5 exam. Subsequently he has achieved Grade 8 Piano, Grade 8 Theory, Grade 6 Jazz Saxophone and Grade 5 Viola.

The viola opened up opportunities to play in several orchestras whilst studying Music at Southampton University. He studied composition at post-graduate level and travelled to Los Angeles to study orchestration with Scott Smalley. He is also an Avid Certified Instructor in Pro Tools.

Barry has performed with a wide variety of groups, from jazz bands to classical orchestras to Japanese Taiko. These performances have taken him to exotic places and met exciting people, from local Devon-based fairs to performing on Blue Peter at the Royal Albert Hall and at Disneyland Paris for Novell as part of Kagemusha Taiko.
As well as working on a wide variety of projects over the years, Barry has gained a lot of experience through his teaching. Currently also working as a course leader for an FdA Music Production course at University Centre Somerset, Barry has recorded bands, composed for orchestras, created synths, and been involved in pretty much every aspect of the music industry.
what else?
Aside from the usual musical qualifications, Barry is also a black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and holds a Private Pilot's Licence!

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